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Where is Central Hostel?

You’re going to tour a city, and you need to find a place to sleep. Why not check if there is a Central Hostel near you?
A hostel is a cheap and fun way to enjoy your stay and meet your people. Find a hostel near you with Central Hostel.

The first Central Hostel was opened in downtown Bordeaux in 2017, and other Central Hostel are in project in all of France’s big cities. Nice, Lille, Lyon, and many other cities are destined to host a Central Hostel in the future. So, no matter where you’ll be vacationing, you can find a hostel on this website. Check our booking form at the top of the page to check our hostel list.

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Once you’ve booked a Central Hostel, you’ll find us in downtown. Central Hostel’s concept is one that associate security and convenience, with establishments in the heart of the city. You’ll come back to your hostel in lit streets, and you’ll find all the commodities nearby. Shop, bakeries, and restaurants await you as soon as you step foot outside. Our rooms are fully equipped, to keep up the good experience after a day of fun.

What about finding a hotel?

If you’re looking for the privacy of a hotel room, you can also find a Central Hostel near you. Our establishment have both dorms and hotel rooms for two to four people.

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You’re set on Central Hostel? You can find the list of our establishments and available rooms by completing the reservation form.  You’ll see all our available rooms or dorms, depending on the type of accommodations you’re seeking, and you’ll find a hostel that suits your needs.