The programme of your getaway
in La Rochelle

La Rochelle, an emblematic port city on the French Atlantic coast, holds numerous wonders to explore. From visiting historical monuments to strolling through picturesque alleys, taking boat trips, or enjoying walks or bike rides along the ocean, every moment in La Rochelle is an invitation to escape and discover. Central Hostel also offers a lively program of events within its establishment, featuring a variety of activities.

Relaxing moments

Unwind and enjoy a movie night while eating popcorn, whether it’s for a captivating art film or a thrilling blockbuster. Hold your breath during live broadcasts of major sports events. Join us for uncontrollable laughter during stand-up comedy shows or reveal your vocal talent at our karaoke nights.


Game nights

Test your music knowledge during our quizzes, challenge yourself in tests on exciting themes, or participate in a suspenseful game of beer pong.



On the dance floor

Dance the night away (or almost) with our DJ sets that will take you on an endless musical journey. If you prefer the experience of a live concert, we also have a diverse lineup. Discover emerging local bands, witness exhilarating performances, and get carried away by the raw energy of artists on stage.



Every week, Central Hostel La Rochelle organises multiple events. Open to all, you can meet new people and share moments with travellers from around the world and locals from the neighbourhood.

Our good addresses in La Rochelle

Between us, nothing is more valuable than recommendations from locals or friends to discover hidden spots in a city. Therefore, we’re delighted to share our favourite places in La Rochelle to make your stay unforgettable.

If you want even more advice to enhance your unique experience, the Central Hostel team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to our team members who will be happy to help.

Vue La Rochelle
Rébecca - 25 ans // Digital project manager at Central Hostel

Must-visit spot ?

Take a stroll along Avenue Michel Crépeau, where you can admire the three towers of La Rochelle. Along the way, you can also appreciate the typical Rochelais houses.

Unmissable rendezvous ?

Visit the Halles Market, held every morning, where you can discover local specialties.

Antonina - 24 ans // Graphist at Central Hostel

Where to go shopping ?

Head to the arches, where you’ll find numerous independent boutiques.

Tourist attraction ?

Embark on a boat trip to see the famous Fort Boyard.