Central Hostel, a new

concept hostel

You’ll find Central Hostel in the most beautiful cities of France. Our goal is to host travelers from around the world with our unique take on a melting pot. A hostel is ideal to meet new people in a dorm and make friends in the city you’re touring. However, we go further than simply being your traditional hostel. We go premium to ensure you get the treatment you deserve. Our dorms are fully equipped, and we have hotel rooms for travelers who need more intimacy.

Discover our destinations

You’ll be welcomed with various pleasures, such as our bar, our restaurant, and our rooftop terrace. Central Hostel is the place where affordable meets convenience and pleasure.


Central Hostel, welcoming and generous

Central Hostel will allow you to mingle with other travelers, in France’s greatest cities ‘downtown. You won’t just meet our guests, but also people who come to enjoy our events, our bar, and our restaurant.

Look forward to our growth, with Central Hostel in every major city in France and someday Europe.

Central Hostel: your partner for a wondrous trip!

Central Hostel changes the vacation game. Run of the mill hostel are attractive thank to their low price, but we made them into a comfortable experience and receive our guest with the accommodations they deserve. This respect for our patrons associated with our affordability earned us the price of “second best hostel in Europe” in 2019.

A foot right into the city

Central Hostel’s establishments are ideally placed downtown. As soon as you step out, you’re ready to explore, take a café, visit the shops and the touristic hotspots. Your daily adventure starts as soon as you leave Central Hostel’s front door. You skip the daily transit with no additional cost, as Central Hostel’s price are similar to cheap accommodations outside of the city.