central kitchen

Central Kitchen

Central Kitchen, our Restaurants through France

Each Central Hostel boasts a Central Kitchen. A welcoming eatery for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all manners of snacks at (nearly) all hours. Come right in and enjoy our sustainable cooking.

A restaurant with sustainable cooking

We provide generous meals that will please your folks. A fresh meal made with local ingredients is better for both our guests and the environment. That is why we only employ fresh ingredients from local partners.

A Restaurant with
Delicious dishes

For lunch or dinner, Central Hostel offers generous, carnivorous or vegetarian dishes that will delight your taste buds! We have a large variety of options, from tapas to salads, including vegan meals. Even the most demanding travelers will find satisfaction.

Restaurant at
an affordable price

Central Hostel strives to bring the best to every vacationer in the center of the city. That includes good rooms, good service, and obviously, good food. We’ll cater to every guest with the same attention, from college students to sojourning well-off travelers. As such, our restaurants’ food is can be afforded by everyone!

A restaurant with
lots of extras

We have a tight planning, to make you some good memories. We regularly receive DJs, concert, and host sports events. From 7am to 2am, you can come to our restaurant to relax, eat, or simply to enjoy our bar and the various guests we bring. To know more about our planning, contact Central Hostel’s reception.

Evenements, Central Hostel Bordeaux

A restaurant to host your events

You have an event to host? Birthday, bachelor party, or even a corporate event? Please contact us. We’ll arrange with you the best accommodations. You can book a big table, or even privatize the whole restaurant for a night, depending on your event.

Please contact us as early as possible, so we can make it happen and provide the best experience for you and your guests.