Que faire à Bordeaux ?


Bordeaux is a wonderful city, filled with discoveries, and many events to take part in all year-round. Here are some examples of activities you can do when visiting this beautiful city.

Walk along the water mirror

The water mirror is a fountain on place de la Bourse. The water on the pavement reflects the square or just the sky. It is very soothing, to either walk along it or just to play in the water.

Visit “la Cité du vin »

Bordeaux is renowned worldwide for its wine. You can discover all its history in “La cite du vin” (wine city). It is a museum where you’ll be able to explore everything there is to know about winemaking, the place of wine in culture, and Bordeaux.



Shop in Ste Catherine Street

Ste Catherine Street is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe. You’ll be able to visit 1.25 km of shops, cafés, and restaurants. There’s also the Promenade Ste Catherine, a place where you’ll be able to visit even more shops and sip a drink next to the fountain. Ste Catherine Street is roughly seventy meters away from Central Hostel Bordeaux : it’s a good way to start every day!

Visit the Pey Berland Tower

The Pey Berland Tower carries above 9 hundred years of history. You can visit it and discover its architecture and the many historical artifacts and tapestries preserved in this place. Note that the visit can be free if you’re under 25 and from the EU.

Any event now in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is a bustling city, with many seasonal events, maybe some you can enjoy during your stay. We’re regularly updating our events calendar so take a look!

Many activities are organized each week in your Central Hostel Bordeaux, the opportunity for you to meet new people and share moments of life with other travellers.

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Our good addresses in Bordeaux

Nothing like the addresses of insiders, friends or locals, to discover a city. So we give you ours! Bordeaux is a city full of good addresses.

And if you want even more advice for your stay, the Central Hostel team is at your disposal.

Laure - 22 ans // Waitress at Central Hostel

Where do you think to shop?

Rue du Pas Saint-Georges for its trendy little shops or Rue des Remparts where I always discover nice brands.

What are your favourite tourist attractions?

La Cité du Vin, for its architecture, the discovery of wine and the glass of wine offered on the top floor with a panoramic view of Bordeaux.

And for partying?

The Iboat and La Place clubs, after Central Hostel of course.

Arthur - 24 ans // Waiter at Central Hostel

Your guilty pleasure?

A Toque Cuivrée cannelé to enjoy on the terrace at Central Hostel with a coffee of course.

What to do in Bordeaux on Sunday?

A lunch around the Place des Chartrons and then a stroll down Rue Notre Dame to browse in the antique shops.

éléa - 23 ans // Community manager at Central Hostel

An unusual place?

Darwin, right bank, a place not to be missed that only exists in Bordeaux. Fans of street art and skateboarding, this place is unmissable.

A cultural place?

Take a look at all the works by artists at the CAPC.