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Top 5 quirky venues in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a city rich in history and heritage, but it also contains numerous quirky places that are worth discovering. Central Hostel presents you the top 5 quirky venues to visit in Bordeaux during your stay.

Our 5 quirky venues in Bordeaux

  1. Darwin and its eco-district
  2. The Bassins des Lumières
  3. The Cité du Vin
  4. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design
  5. CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art

1. Darwin and its eco-district 

Located on the right bank of the Garonne, Darwin is a unique urban ecosystem that gathers companies, associations, restaurants, bars, and coworking spaces, all in a friendly and eco-responsible atmosphere. If there’s one quirky venue to visit in Bordeaux, it should be Darwin! 
Darwin is an innovative and ecological project aimed at promoting a more sustainable and responsible economy. Darwin is built around three approaches : ecology, social economy and culture. Visitors can find eco-friendly initiatives such as organic farming spaces or an urban farm. 

Top 5 des lieux insolites à Bordeaux : Darwin

2. The Bassins des Lumières 

The Bassins des Lumières, the largest digital art centre in the world, is a great tourist attraction in Bordeaux since its opening in 2020. This digital art centre offers spectacular projections on walls over 12 metres high. This place is located in a former submarine base dating back to World War II, an atypical place that increases even more the immersive experience offered by The Bassins des Lumières. 

Visitors can discover the works of great artists such as Klimt, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Chagall and many others, thanks to monumental high-definition projections. The paintings come to life in plain view of visitors’ eyes, with light and sound effects that immerse them in a unique and magical experience.

Bassins des lumières Bordeaux

3. The Cité du Vin 

The Cité du Vin is an interactive museum dedicated to wine and winegrowing culture located on the quays of Bordeaux. The building, built in 2016, is an outstanding and audacious architectural work whose shape reminds of a rotating wine glass. The museum is designed as a place of total immersion in the wine universe, and offers an interactive and playful experience, a genuine quirky venue in Bordeaux. Visitors are encouraged to explore the different areas of the museum, which are organised in such a way as to follow the wine creation process, from the vineyards to the tasting. Interactive exhibitions, projections, multimedia installations and tastings enable the visitors to discover the secrets of wine making and the different winegrowing areas from around the world. 

Visite de la Cité du Vin

©Cité du Vin

Discover the quirky venues in Bordeaux!

4. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design 

Located a few minutes’ walk from your Youth Hostel in Bordeaux is the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, a 18th-century building renovated in order to accommodate the museum. It displays a permanent collection of objects from the 18th century to nowadays, ranging from Sèvres porcelain to contemporary furniture. Visitors can discover the most important artistic styles and movements from around the world, thanks to a selection of unique works, some of which were created by the greatest designers of the time. The Bordeaux Museum of Decorative Arts and Design also offers temporary exhibitions that showcase contemporary designers and diverse themes. These exhibitions are a way to discover budding artists or renowned designers through original and innovative installations. 

Musées de Bordeaux : madd

©Fleur Griffon

5. CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art

The CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the largest museums of contemporary art in France. Located in a former colonial goods warehouse dating back to the 19th century, the museum was inaugurated in 1973 and quickly gained an international reputation for the quality of its exhibitions and permanent collections. The CAPC is distinguished by its bold and diverse programme, which includes theme-based exhibitions, artist installations, shows and live events. 
The museum presents a large variety of artistic styles and techniques, ranging from paintings, sculptures, and photography to video art, shows and installations. The museum also makes a complete educational program available, offering guided tours, creative workshops and lectures. These initiatives establish links between contemporary art works and the public, while offering interactive and educational experiences for all ages.

Top 5 des lieux insolites Bordeaux : CAPC

©Stéphane Lartigue

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