chambre de luxe central hostel

An affordable hotel

for every holiday

An affordable hotel

We’re your partner for every holiday, and we are aware that when planning your vacation, budget is to be taken into consideration. Very often, travelers will be faced with the question: “what do we cut back on?”. Do we book outside of the city, and add one hour of travel time to our day? Do we shorten the trip?

No more! Central Hostel is an affordable hotel and hostel in the middle of town.

An affordable hotel room or dorm, several options to help you budget

To help you enjoy your holidays, we have thought of several options, depending on your needs and the size of your group. If you’re a group of four, our prices can go as low as 25€ per night per person, with a real hotel room for four. Depending on how many people there are in your party, you can also book a single bed in a mixed dorm or in an all-girl dorm, or even book a whole 6 or 8-person dorm for a reduced price.

chambre de luxe central hostel
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An affordable hotel room, with no compromise on quality

Low price is often associated with low quality. However, even if you don’t splurge on your accommodation, we’ll still treat you with the standards and respect you deserve. At Central Hostel, affordable meets convenience and comfort. This “revolutionary concept” earned us the title of second-best hostel in Europe in 2019.

Other services you’ll be able to enjoy

We offer more than just a place to crash and sleep. We pride ourselves with our other services:

  • A delicious restaurant with lots of options, Central Kitchen
  • Our convivial bar
  • Frequent entertaining events (DJ, concerts and sports events)
  • Our rooftop terrace

If you want, we can also host your events, like birthdays and bachelor parties. Contact us early, to get the event that fits you best.