chambre dans hotel de charme à bordeaux

Hotel rooms

to fit every traveler’s needs

Central Hostel aims to help every holidaymaker have the best holiday possible. Hence, we provide different types of accommodation to meet different needs. We have mixed gender dorms, all-girl dorms, and hotel rooms.

Why hotel rooms in a Central Hostel?

Despite our name, Central Hostel is more than a hostel. We offer attractively priced dorms to cater for groups and travelers and allow them to mingle and make new friends. However, we are aware that some holiday makers value their privacy more than a dorm social experience.

Therefore, all Central Hostel’s establishments also have at least one comfortable hotel room. They boast a high standard of comfort that parallels with specialized hotel rooms.

Our hotel room sizes

Hotel rooms may differ from establishment to establishment, but we make sure to cater to the needs of traveling couples or families. Our double rooms will welcome you with a king size bed, and our family room includes a convertible couch to host up to four people.

All our hotel rooms have an individual shower.

Our hotel rooms: a haven of peace and relaxation

Our hotel rooms are on the top floor, to ensure the noise from the city won’t reach you. This arrangement guarantees that all our hotel rooms are as peaceful as in a luxury hotel. You’ll be able to relax, oblivious of the world around you.

The most comfortable rooms

Each of our room are spacious and fully equipped. It’s not just a place to sleep, as you’ll also be able to simply sit and relax in front of the television. From the top floor of Central Hostel, you’ll have an extensive view of the city centre: a fantastic preview of all the tourist hotspots the city has to offer.