Are hostels

safe ?

Hostels mean shared dorms with strangers, which means new encounters and new friends to be made. For many, Youth Hostels are synonym of unforgettable summer memories. However, stranger danger is still fresh in our minds. Are dorms just a fun experience, or do they mean taking a risk?

What are the known risks of hostels?

With unknown guests in your room, there are several factors which must be considered to ensure your safety.

central hostel


While you sleep, your roommates may be tempted to steal your personal effects. We put lockers at your disposition to secure your valuables during your stay, so you’ll only have your essential belonging while you sleep, to prevent stealing.

Disturbances by other residents

You cannot control your roommates. Will a partygoer come back late and wake everyone up at 4am? Or will someone simply be obnoxious or smelly? Everyone is in the same boat, and the number of reported disturbances is extremely low. If that’s not reassuring enough, you can ask for a girls-only dorm.

How Central Hostel ensures your safety

Central Hostel has several ways to ensure your safety. As mentioned earlier, this includes the availability of same sex dorms, and individual lockers to secure your belongings for the night.

Central Hostel’s downtown location ensures that you can come back to your room in well-lit and busy streets, which will make for safer walks.

Any questions about Central Hostel safety measures?

If you have any questions about the room, the location or the structure, please call us at 0557836163, and our staff will be able to inform and reassure you and accommodate your needs.