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19 Jun Central Hostel Bordeaux

The history of Central Hostel Bordeaux

Established in a historic building in the heart of an emblematic square, discover the history of Central Hostel Bordeaux. ...

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07 Jun Quel âge pour séjourner dans une auberge de jeunesse ?

What is the age limit to stay in youth hostels ?

Is there an age limit for staying in a youth hostel? ...

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03 Jun Salon, Central Hostel Bordeaux

How does a hostel work ?

Youth hostels are attracting more and more travellers, but how do they work? ...

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30 May difference entre un hotel et une auberge de jeunesse

What is the difference between a hotel and a youth hostel ?

Central Hostel explains to you what are the differences between a hotel and a youth hostel which tend to be reduced ! ...

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28 May dormir dans une auberge de jeunesse

Who can stay in a youth hostel ?

Youth hostels have become an economical alternative to hotels. But, who can stay in a youth hostel ? ...

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26 May comment trouver un hotel pas cher

Why choose a hostel ?

When organizing a trip, the choice of accommodation is at the forefront of concerns. So why choose a hostel? ...

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10 Dec

Are hostels safe ?

Hostels mean shared dorms with strangers, which means new encounters and new friends to be made. For many, Youth Hostels are synon ...

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08 Dec chambre dans hotel de charme à bordeaux

Find a cheap hotel, without compromising on quality

When you’re planning your vacation, you’re operating on a budget. You have to calculate how much you can spend for the whole w ...

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