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Find a cheap hotel, without compromising on quality

When you’re planning your vacation, you’re operating on a budget. You have to calculate how much you can spend for the whole week, work out how to budget for transport costs, food, different attractions, and the hotel.

Any saving you can make means more budget to have more fun. However, cutting costs too much can lead to a bad experience. With Central Hostel, you get a cheap hotel, with a high level of quality and great customer care.

How to get a cheap hotel room?

Central Hostel is excellent value for money. Here are some tips to get an even cheaper hotel room, without compromising on quality. The first thing is to book at Central Hostel. Our starting hotel room prices are incredibly low considering their central location. However, there are ways to get your room for an even lower price, with our early booking offer. Early booking allows us to organize our staff and our rooms in advance. This cuts our costs, and to thank you for your organization, we also cut your room’s price, transforming our affordable hotel room into a cheap hotel room. But what about our quality and dedication to service?

A cheap, comfortable hotel room, with excellent customer service

Central Hostel’s prices come with no cut in quality. Each of our hotel room comes with a comfortable king-sized bed, air conditioning, a television, and a breathtaking view. Those rooms are on the top floor to ensure a quiet stay. Even in the middle of town, you will be away from the noise of the city. Each Central Hostel has a Central Kitchen: a restaurant that will delight you with, delicious and affordable French meals inspired from France’s generous South-West cuisine.

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