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29 Jun

Check-in at the hotel : how to proceed upon arrival ?

Central Hostel shares its guide for a stress-free check-in at the hotel : discover the simple steps to follow as soon as you arriv ...

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09 Jun Hôtel luxueux, Central Hostel Bordeaux

Luxury hotel services

We expect a certain quality of service from a luxury hotel. But what exactly are the services of a luxury hotel? ...

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05 Jun Comment réserver un hôtel avec un bébé ?

How to book a hotel with a baby ?

Here are some tips to follow to make your stay as comfortable as possible for you and your baby. ...

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01 Jun chambre double

What time should you vacate a hotel room ?

Departure times are regulated within the hotels. But then, what time should we vacate a hotel room? ...

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30 May difference entre un hotel et une auberge de jeunesse

What is the difference between a hotel and a youth hostel ?

Central Hostel explains to you what are the differences between a hotel and a youth hostel which tend to be reduced ! ...

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14 Dec hotel de luxe pas cher

Can Hotel receive package?

During your hotel stay, you might need some items immediately. Maybe you forgot your computer at your family’s home, or you orde ...

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13 Dec hotel chambre de luxe

Can the hotel decorate your room for a birthday?

It’s your birthday, and you have treated yourself to a stay at Central Hostel. What can we do to make this event memorable? ...

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12 Dec central hostel

Can hotel guests have visitors?

Hotel stays are a part of discovering a new town, having a nice vacation, meeting new people, or meeting up with family. However, ...

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11 Dec auberge de jeunesse central hostel

Do French hotels accept dogs?

It’s time for your holidays, your room is booked, it’s time to sit back, relax and/or party. But what about your pet? Can they ...

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09 Dec auberge de jeunesse central hostel

Find a good hotel near you

You’re going to visit a big city, and you want to find a hotel near you to extend your vacation. Check out if there’s a Centra ...

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