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Can hotel guests

have visitors?

Hotel stays are a part of discovering a new town, having a nice vacation, meeting new people, or meeting up with family. However, by definition, your hotel room can only accommodate the number of guests you’ve booked for. Is it possible to meet up with your private visitors at your hotel to spend time with them?

Can hotel guest accommodate visitors?

Your room has limited capacity, and to avoid abuse, you’re not allowed to invite guests directly into your room. However, there are ways to share a moment with friends and family in the cozy atmosphere of Central Hostel.

central hostel

Hotel guest visitors at Central Hostel’s bar

Central Hostel boasts a nice bar, in which you’ll be able to invite outside guests to share a cocktail or a coffee. Our bar is accessible to the public, so we’ll serve any guests, even if they do not have a room. For large groups and your events, check in with us, to see how we can arrange a special reception for your parties and events.

Hotel guest visitors at Central Hostel’s restaurant

For longer meetings, you can make a reservation at Central Kitchen, our restaurant service , and have a nice snack, or a full meal. We’re used to accommodating large parties and events. If you let us know in advance, we’ll let you know what we can do to accommodate your needs, according to your numbers, the event type, and your budget. We have options to satisfy every request at varying prices, as hosting is our specialty.