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Can Hotel

receive package?

During your hotel stay, you might need some items immediately. Maybe you forgot your computer at your family’s home, or you ordered a last-minute gift for someone you’re visiting. In those cases, what are the options available to you to get a package delivered?

Receiving packages at the hotel

If need be, you can have your package delivered to the hotel. If we receive a package addressed to one of our guests, we will inform you and you’ll be able to obtain it. However, we do not encourage it, as mishaps during deliveries are too frequent, and if it happens to you, you might miss your package. In addition, Hotels are not equipped with a huge stockroom like a post office or pick up points who offer package pick up services.

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Receiving packages at a convenient pickup point.

Another option is to send your package to a pickup point in advance. This way, even if the delivery’s late, there will be two options:

  • In the case of a gift, you can send the information to the intended recipient so he can retrieve it
  • If no one can retrieve the item, most pick up services will return the item to the sender after 14 days of no pickup, which mean that your items will not be lost. Please check your transporter’s terms and conditions before counting on the 14-day return policy.

In any case, our best advice is to double check your luggage before leaving and have a stress-free vacation.