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Check-in at the hotel : How to proceed upon arrival

When planning a trip and considering staying at a hotel, it’s essential to know the check-in procedures to make your arrival as smooth as possible. Central Hostel provides you with useful information about hotel check-in to help you plan your arrival with peace of mind.

What time can you check-in ?

Most hotels have a standard check-in policy that allows you to arrive from a certain time, usually in the early afternoon. However, it’s advisable to check this specific information with the hotel you have booked with as the hours may vary among establishments. Some hotels also offer early check-in options for an additional fee, which can be useful if you arrive early in the morning and want to settle in quickly. During your stay at Central Hostel, you can make your request for early check-in before your arrival with our team by email or telephone.

If you arrive late at night, it’s recommended to contact the hotel and inform them of your expected arrival time. This way, they can reserve a room for you and ensure it will be ready upon your arrival, even if you exceed the check-in deadline. It’s important to note that some hotels may require a credit card to guarantee your reservation if you arrive after a certain time.

How does the check-in process work at a hotel ?

During your hotel check-in, you will be asked to present a valid identification document, such as a passport or ID card. Make sure you have these documents readily available for a quick and trouble-free check-in process.

During check-in, the hotel will typically ask you to settle your stay if you haven’t already done so directly through the website. You can choose to pay in cash, by credit card, or through other payment methods accepted by the establishment. Additionally, some hotels may require a security deposit to cover any additional charges or damages. Be sure to inquire about these policies upon your arrival. If you have any questions, you can contact the Central Hostel team who will be happy to answer them.

What to do with your luggage before check-in ?

Take advantage of your stay by checking in advance for the services and amenities offered by the hotel. Some establishments have a luggage storage area where you can securely deposit your bags upon arrival at the hotel

It’s important to note that luggage storage service is usually free for hotel guests for a limited period. However, some hotels may charge additional fees if you wish to leave your luggage for an extended duration. It’s recommended to check the specific luggage storage policies of the hotel before your arrival. 

Once you have deposited your luggage, you can enjoy your day with peace of mind. Explore the city, visit tourist attractions, go shopping, or savour a delicious meal without worrying about carrying your bags with you.

Now that you know how to proceed with your hotel check-in, don’t wait any longer and book your stay at Central Hostel

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