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Do French hotels

accept dogs?

It’s time for your holidays, your room is booked, it’s time to sit back, relax and/or party. But what about your pet? Can they accompany you and have a nice vacation too?

Are dogs allowed in hotel?

The short answer is no. As a hotel, we cannot accommodate animals, for sanitary reasons. If we accepted animals, we couldn’t guarantee a safe stay for our guests with allergies.

But don’t give up, as there are plenty of options for your dog to follow you during the day.

difference entre auberge de jeunesse et hotel

What are the options for your dog?

A “chenil”, a hotel for dogs

Several places called “chenils” take your dogs overnight. They are used to keep animals for a long stay and cater to their needs and walk them. Check with your dog center in advance if you can arrange for overnight stays with access during the day, to build memories with him or her.

A pet sitter

There are a large number of pet sitters, some accepting dogs as boarders. On the same basis, check in advance with your pet sitter when you can pick up your dog and drop it off every day. Several websites will allow you to find a pet sitter in the town you’re staying in, and the price for a night stay is usually cheaper than for a full day, as your dog won’t have to be walked.

Those options are available for most animals. It is hard to leave your pet with a stranger, even if just for the night. Take your time to consult the different possibilities online and talk to pet sitters and pet kennels to be sure to make the right choice in advance.