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You’re going to visit a big city, and you want to find a hotel near you to extend your vacation. Check out if there’s a Central Hostel you can stay in! Our first establishment was opened in Bordeaux in 2017, but all major cities are due to host a Central Hostel in the future: Nice, Lille and Nantes to name but a few.

Central Hostel’s goal: a hotel near you in key tourist cities

We want to help you explore France, and to accompany you at every one of your destinations. Because Central Hostel is conveniently placed in the middle of town, with an attractive price and no compromise on quality, we are the ideal partner for a cool vacation.

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If you’re looking for a hotel near you, consult the list of Central Hostels with our reservation form. You can book either a hotel room, or places in a dorm. Either way, you’ll get a fully equipped room, with a comfortable bed.

When are Hotels near you open?

We cannot vouch for other hotels, but we are open 24/7. We have a wide range of guests, that want to explore the night life of the city, and thus, we must always be ready to welcome them. If you’re looking for a last-minute hotel, you can check in with us anytime. We may sometimes be fully booked and unable to accommodate you, but we’ll always be here to answer your call.

We offer the services of a hostel, a hotel a bar and a restaurant all in one, to make your stay and vacation memorable and help you visit the city. You’ll have the choice delicious cuisine inspired by the southwest of France, a timetable packed with activities, and benefit from comfortable rooms and dorms.