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A weekend in Bordeaux : What to visit un 2 days ?

Bordeaux is a city known for its remarkable architecture, its rich cultural heritage and its delectable cuisine. If you’re looking for a destination to spend an unforgettable weekend, Bordeaux is the perfect choice. You can stroll through its old streets, admire its iconic monuments, and savour its famous wines. Located in the heart of city, our Central Hostel Bordeaux provides a prime location for exploring this fascinating city on foot or by bike. In this article, we recommend you a great programme to visit Bordeaux in 2 days.

What to visit in Bordeaux in 2 days ? 

Saturday :

  • Place Pey-Berland
  • Rue Saint-James
  • Saint-Michel District
  • Capucins Market
  • Place de la Bourse
  • Place de la Comédie
  • Place des Quinconces
  • Place du Palais

Sunday :

  • Quai des Chartrons
  • Rue Notre-Dame
  • Halle des Chartrons
  • Rive Droite
  • Pont de Pierre


1. Place Pey-Berland

Located in the city centre and a 5-minute walk from Central Hostel, Place Pey-Berland is a perfect starting point for exploring Bordeaux’s historic centre. 
The square was designed in the 18th century and has been the site of numerous cultural and political events. Nowadays, Place Pey-Berland is a lively and popular spot where locals gather to have a coffee on a terrace or stroll through the surrounding shopping streets. You can admire the view of the cathedral and visit the Pey-Berland Tower, an essential place in Bordeaux that offers a panoramic view of the city.

Week-end Bordeaux : pey-berland

2. Rue Saint-James

Continue your city tour by heading towards Rue Saint-James, which is one of Bordeaux’s most iconic streets. Parallel to Rue Sainte-Catherine, it connects Place Fernand Lafargue to Cours Victor Hugo. Rue Saint-James, which was part of the pilgrimage route to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, go past the tower known as the “Grosse Cloche,” which you can visit.

3. Saint-Michel District (Quartier Saint-Michel)

After gazing upon the Grosse Cloche and crossing Cours Victor Hugo, make your way to the Saint-Michel district, which is one of the liveliest and most picturesque areas of the city. The district is home to a magnificent Gothic-style basilica and an independent bell tower, one of the tallest in France. You can enjoy its famous market on Place Meynard, at the bottom of the Saint-Michel bell tower, a vibrant and friendly place. 

4. Capucins Market (Marché des Capucins)

Continue on to the Capucins Market where you can take a lunch break among the numerous stalls of this covered market. It is an essential place to discover the gastronomy and atmosphere of Bordeaux, offering a unique experience for all the senses. Take a place on a terrace and take time savouring some local specialties such as oysters from the Arcachon Basin or Bordeaux’s famous cannelés. 

Week-end Bordeaux : marché des capucins



5. Place de la Bourse

On the Saturday afternoon of this 2-day itinerary to visit Bordeaux, head towards the Bordeaux quays in the direction of the Water Mirror located in front of Place de la Bourse. You can then enjoy a breathtaking view of Place de la Bourse reflecting in the Water Mirror, a great attraction. 
The outstanding architecture of this historic square is evidence of the richness of the history and culture of this magnificent city.

Place de la Bourse Bordeaux

6. Place de la Comédie

Then, make your way up to Place du Parlement to reach Place de la Comédie and discover the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, a pearl of neoclassical architecture. Built in the 18th century, it is considered one of the most beautiful theatres in France. You can admire the majestic facade of the building, decorated with Corinthian columns and sculptures representing muses and mythological characters. 

7. Place des Quinconces

After a detour through Allées de Tourny, you will arrive at the well-known Place des Quinconces. Covering an area of 12 hectares, it is one of the largest squares in Europe. Place des Quinconces hosts numerous events and gatherings throughout the year, making it an essential place to visit during your stay in the heart of Bordeaux. You can also visit the underground of the monument to the Girondins to discover Bordeaux differently.

Week-end Bordeaux : place des quinconces

8. Place du Palais

Finish your eventful day with a drink at one of the many bars located in Place du Palais. During sunny days, sit on a terrace and enjoy the view of the surrounding monuments, especially the Porte Cailhau, a piece of remains of the city’s ramparts. The square is a friendly and festive place, often brought to life by cultural events such as open-air concerts. It is located right next to Central Hostel, so you can easily find the comfort of your bed in your youth hostel in the heart of Bordeaux.

What to visit in Bordeaux in two days?


9. Quai des Chartrons

Let’s start the second day of our 2-day itinerary to visit Bordeaux by heading to the Quai des Chartrons, just a 7-minute bike ride from Central Hostel. The former wine warehouses have been renovated to accommodate trendy shops and contemporary art galleries. The walk along the quays is also very pleasant, offering breathtaking views of the Garonne River and the right bank quays. Make your way to the Chartrons Market, an ideal place for a gourmet Sunday stroll. 

10. Rue Notre-Dame

Explore the cobbled streets of the Chartrons district and discover the lovely Rue Notre-Dame, one of the oldest streets in Bordeaux. The buildings bordering the street showcase different architectural styles, displaying the city’s history and architectural evolution. Shops, cafes, restaurants, and numerous antique boutiques are located along the Rue Notre-Dame. Thereby, it is a delightful place to wander and discover the history and culture of the city during your weekend in Bordeaux. 

11. Halle des Chartrons

Right by Rue Notre-Dame, the Halle des Chartrons is home to several restaurants. Here, you can savour a gourmet meal in a historical and friendly setting, replenishing your energy for the rest of your day exploring the city. 

Week-end Bordeaux : halle des chartrons



12. Right Bank (Rive droite)

Head to the right bank of Bordeaux to discover quirky venues, particularly Darwin, an unusual place in Bordeaux established in a former military barracks transformed into an eco-district. A one-of-a-kind project aiming to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly urban living space. Enjoy the place by having a drink at Magasin Général and strolling through this unique location. Then, get closer to the banks of the Garonne River to enjoy the view of Bordeaux’s historic heart. 

13. Pont de Pierre

Go back to the historic centre of Bordeaux through the impressive and majestic Pont de Pierre, which connects the left to the right bank. As a symbol of the city of Bordeaux, it offers a breathtaking view of both riverbanks and the Garonne River. Whether on foot or by bike, the crossing will allow you to admire a unique panorama, a perfect way to end your 2-day visit to Bordeaux on a high note.

Week-end Bordeaux : pont de pierre

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