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How to discover Bordeaux differently ?

Are you planning to spend a few days in Bordeaux? Do you want to explore the city from a new perspective? There are many ways to discover the city and its rich heritage, each offering different experiences and possibilities according to your preferences. However, to truly discover this city in an unusual way, it is sometimes necessary to venture off the beaten path and explore beyond the traditional tourist routes. Central Hostel presents several unique tours to discover Bordeaux differently and have an unforgettable experience.

Our guide on how to discover Bordeaux differently

  • Explore the underground passages of Bordeaux
  • Take a boat ride on the Garonne River
  • Experience Bordeaux at night
  • Admire the historic centre from the right bank

Explore the underground passages of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is known for its architecture, classified facades, and historical monuments. However, you might be surprised to learn that there is a hidden treasure beneath the city, right beneath your feet. The Bordeaux Tourism Office offers tours for the curious who wish to discover these secret parts of the city. You can explore unusual places in Bordeaux, such as the archaeological site of Saint-Seurin, which features numerous sarcophagi, or the underground chambers of the Girondins Monument that house the machinery of the fountains.

Souterrains de Bordeaux

©Les balades de Claire

Take a boat ride on the Garonne River

One of the most original ways to discover Bordeaux is by taking a boat ride on the Garonne River. Along the water, you can appreciate the beautiful quays of the city, admire the bridges spanning the Garonne, and discover the various activities taking place along the banks. Boats offer circuits lasting from one hour to several hours, and the guide’s commentary helps you better understand the history and evolution of the city. The boat ride allows you to relax and enjoy Bordeaux from a different perspective

Balade en bateau Bordeaux


Our guide on how to discover Bordeaux differently !

Experience Bordeaux at night

When night falls, historical monuments such as the Place de la Bourse, the Grand Théâtre, and the Saint-André Cathedral are beautifully illuminated, highlighting their architectural beauty. The lights reflected in the Garonne River along the quays also create a stunning spectacle. Head to the Pont de Pierre, one of Bordeaux’s iconic locations, which offers a breathtaking view of the illuminated city. By crossing the bridge on foot, you can enjoy this exceptional view while strolling in a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Visiting the city at night provides a unique opportunity to discover the streets and monuments of Bordeaux in a different way. The streets, usually crowded during the day, become peaceful and tranquil once night falls. You can enjoy the city without the crowds for a more intimate and authentic experience.

Bordeaux de nuit

©shutterstock Gordon Bell

Admire the historic centre from the right bank

Standing on the right bank, you can admire the magnificent shape of the city’s historic centre and its iconic buildings, such as the Place de la Bourse, the Pey Berland Tower, and the Saint-Michel basilica. By admiring these buildings from the right bank, you can appreciate their architectural beauty while enjoying the view of the Garonne River and the quays of the city.

Admiring old Bordeaux from the right bank is an experience not to be missed during your stay in the heart of the “Sleeping Beauty.” This panoramic view offers a unique outlook into the city’s historical and cultural richness, while providing a lively and friendly atmosphere that will charm you.

Vue depuis la rive droite Bordeaux

Now that you know how to discover Bordeaux differently, don’t wait any longer and book your stay at Central Hostel Bordeaux !

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