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How does a hostel work ?

Youth Hostels are becoming more and more popular with travellers, but many people still hesitate to try them out due to a lack of information about this style of accommodation. So, how does a hostel work ?

Check-in and check-out

Check-in is usually in the early afternoon and check-out around noon, but we recommend checking the website or directly calling the establishment where you will be staying for more information. A luggage storage service is generally available to allow you to secure your personal belongings and enjoy the city while waiting for your room to be available or before you catch your train or flight.

Accommodation conditions

Initially, hostels only offered single beds in dormitories. However, this cheap accommodation style is evolving to make way for a revisited hostel model and offer travellers an extended range of accommodations to reach more customers. Indeed, more and more Youth Hostels not only have bunk beds in dorms, but fully equipped private rooms for travellers seeking more privacy and tranquillity while enjoying very attractive prices.


Hostels offer their travellers dorms – to share, exclusively for women, or to privatise – with a variable number of single beds depending on the establishments, usually designed to accommodate between 4 and 20 people.

In a small but optimised space, you will have all the comfort you need with comfortable mattresses, soft pillows and pleasant sheets, as well as a secure storage space for your personal belongings. For more privacy, each single bed is equipped with a curtain to create a real cocoon. The bathroom is shared among the different travellers and in most establishments, towels are provided, but body hygiene products are not. If you have any questions, contact your establishment to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Financially, it is essential to note that the price of a bed in a dormitory varies according to its capacity. A bed in a dormitory that can accommodate up to 20 people will generally be much cheaper than a bed in a dormitory of 4 people.

Individual rooms

With the development of private double rooms, hostels tend to move closer to the services offered in hotels. With a spacious sleeping area, a comfortable double bed, a private bathroom with a shower or bathtub, a set of facilities and a kitchenette in some establishments, individual rooms offer an intimate and cosy setting for travellers looking for peace and quiet.

With the concept of a “boutique hostel”, Central Hostel offers you to settle in one of its double rooms. In a warm atmosphere, each room has been designed and furnished to offer you an ideal setting and absolute comfort. All double rooms have a spacious and pleasant sleeping area with a large bed, comfortable seating, a bathroom with a shower including everything you will need (bath towels, body products, hairdryer), and for the more spacious
ones, a seating area with a convertible sofa to accommodate your family. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi access, and air conditioning, so there’s nothing missing during your stay.

Common spaces

Hostels not only offer a place to stay for travellers from around the world, but they are also genuine living spaces, where travelling is considered as a social immersive experience. To gather all travellers, Youth Hostels have warm and friendly common areas fostering exchanges. In these common spaces, we usually find one or more comfortable relaxation areas as well as a dining area or a communal kitchen, where friends and travellers can meet and share moments of life. Some hostels offer more unusual common spaces, such as Central Hostel Bordeaux, which provides its travellers with a rooftop and a terrace.

Life in a youth hostel

To bring together travellers from all backgrounds, hostels create real living spaces and generally offer events throughout the week within their establishment. There is something to suit all tastes in order to gather travellers and allow them to express themselves – cultural activities, games, movie screenings, concerts, or even DJ sets. If you want to organise other activities, some Youth Hostels like Central Hostel Bordeaux also have a modest concierge service available to answer all your questions and organise your stay on demand.

You now know how hostels work. So don’t wait any longer and book your stay in a dorm or double room at Central Hostel !

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