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Why choose a hostel  ?

When planning a trip, choosing the right accommodation is at the forefront of concerns. Travellers are more and more turning to hostels for their cheap housing options. However, hostel prices are not the only reason for travellers’ enthusiasm in this type of lodging. So why choose to stay in a hostel ?

Attractives prices

Youth Hostels are known for offering budget-friendly accommodations. Indeed, staying in a hostel seems to be the most economical option. However, low prices do not necessarily equal low-quality services, quite the contrary. Youth Hostels tend to offer the same level of service provided by hotels, adopting a significantly standard quality than a few years ago. Thus, hostels can genuinely be considered as an excellent value for money, including comfortable and affordable accommodations.

Variety of lodging options

Since they provide a great range of options, hostels no longer only offer dorm beds, but also private bedrooms. In order to reach more customers, Youth Hostels have double bedrooms available, which are spacious and cosy for travellers in search of privacy during their stay. Therefore, hostels offer a variety of accommodations to suit the needs of all travellers.

Hostels are genuine social hubs for travellers all around the world !

Numerous activities

Most hostels organise activities within their establishments to enhance their travellers’ stays. Indeed, Central Hostel offers busy programmes in their establishments, which include events both during the day and in the evening. There is something to suit all tastes – film screenings, music quiz, karaoke, sports evening events, beer pong tournaments, concerts and DJ sets. Taking part in activities is an opportunity for travellers to meet, chat and share life moments.

A social experience

Hostels are not only about offering a place to unpack your suitcase, they are also about enjoying an animated place filled with travellers of different nationalities. Since Youth Hostels have common areas open to all, it favours encounters and exchanges. Then, staying in a hostel is a way to open up to others and share moments in a friendly atmosphere with travellers from all backgrounds.

If you’re interested in experiencing Youth Hostels, Central Hostel is just the place for you !

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